It’s been a MOMENT, but it seems the snow gods are blessing the Sierra Nevada with a decent season. That combined with good snow in the Rockies means we’re churning out Bibbys and Bellas and sending them through the tubes into eager hands around the globe. But what if it stops snowing? What if, next week, we’re standing at the rim of a high-pressure hellhole that sends us back for five more years of low-snow dementia?

Can we adapt?

Yes, we can.

We aren’t diversifying into lawn furniture, sunbrellas, or—if you want the cynical version—wildfire suppression, but we are changing the way we do business. We’re doing more with less stock on hand, and drastically improving manufacturing lead times. We can switch from cutting skinny skis to pressing fatties in less time than it takes for the forecast to change from ‘dire’ to ‘deep.’

But why should you care?

Because more agility means fewer crossed fingers. It means more demo days, more special editions, and more opportunity to try Moments on snow instead of fondling them on a carpet or in your dreams. It means less waste and more jobs at the factory, both of which are good things.

For us, it means we can deal with whatever nature decides to throw at us, without wondering if we’ll be around next season. Yeah, the onus is all on us to design, press, and then ship this sweet handmade love to you. But lately, there’s been enough snow to make the few days off totally worth the effort.

See you online, or see you at the factory (just come on by—you know the drill), but most of all,





The brand new Meridian is the result of a request from Carston Oliver, asking for a slightly narrower version of his fully rockered, 123-millimeter-waisted Chipotle Banana. Makes sense to us: as insane as that ski is in the right conditions, it’s not exactly versatile enough to throw in the truck and forget about the forecast. But to have a ski with the same playful, loose feel, plus some all-around utility for dry days? Now that’s a brilliant idea.

Well, we did it.

The Meridian is an all-mountain maniac unlike any we’ve created, and we’re as excited about it as we were about the Deathwish in its first season. Full rocker makes it alarmingly quick to spin around, and incredibly easy to drift through tight trees and steep chutes when there’s too little coverage to make a full turn. On firm snow, it’s simply a matter of tipping the ski over—because the further you go, the more edge you engage. We made it stiff to eliminate chatter and deflection at speed, but with full rocker, there’s no camber to flex through, so lighter skiers and mellow chargers won’t get bucked like they would on a big traditional ski.

Can you hear the excitement coming through? We hope so, and we want you to come out to a demo day and get on a pair, so you can feel it too.


171, 181, 187






The Hot Mess has been the ladies’ frontside ski for years, and this year we decided it was time to update it for more versatility. We gave it a bit more width and some Mustache Rocker, making it essentially the women’s version of our top-selling PB&J. Softer flex, lighter build, and of course the sweetest topsheets in the industry make the new Hot Mess just as hot as ever, and maybe even more messy. So grab a friend to hold your hair back, get your tall boots on, and shred everything from corduroy to crud like there’s no tomorrow.  


162, 172 | 119-91-111



Since we added Triple Camber Technology to the Sierra, we’ve seen it take off in every market. Triple Camber creates a mid-fat ski that feels like a full-rocker design in chop, smoothing out the ride and eliminating tip deflection. On hardpack, it hooks up and carves with energy even when the only snow is coming from a hose, so you can ski it all season long in any conditions with total confidence. This year, we added semi-cap construction, because a ski you’ll be on all year needs to be able to handle more abuse.


162, 172 | 124-99-115




We’re super stoked to introduce the totally redesigned Bella, and your new favorite powder ski. While Mustache Rocker gave the old Bella all-mountain versatility and hardpack gusto, our lady friends kept asking us to bring back that super-surfy feeling they love and miss so much from older designs like the Reagan. So this year, the Bella gets the full-rocker treatment, just like the Chipotle Banana and the all-new Meridian. The continuous rocker profile makes it super-quick to pivot, surf, and slash in powder, and easy to control in bumps and trees. Meanwhile, the Bella’s medium radius and slightly stiffer flex mean you can still tip it over and put down a mean GS turn on the hard stuff.


162, 172 | 136-107-127




Want to know a secret? Come closer.

The PB&J can ski anything.

Shh! Not so loud! We’re trying to sell skis, and that’s the kind of insider knowledge that could ruin a little company like ours. Fact is, if you have a pair of PB&J’s, you already know. Center mounted, it’s a stable-like-a-horse-house park ski. Mounted on the line, it’s a ripping all-mountain ski that can get down in the deep stuff without hooking you up. Somewhere in between, it’s a little bit of both, and a whole lot of fun. You owe it to yourself to ski a pair.


162, 172, 182, 188 | 129-101-121




In 2012, Triple Camber Technology was a crazy experiment we were prepared to shut down after a single season. Four years later, we’ve put some form of TCT into almost every ski we make, and the original mad scientist is still in the building holding it down. The hype and industry awards are a distant murmur, but the Deathwish still brings the most overwhelmingly positive reviews from some of the best skiers we know.

“It’s just so good.”

“It’s the perfect everyday ski.”

“Whatever you do, don’t change it.”

There’s not much to say anymore, except that you have to ski it to believe it. The combination of perfect width, metal-free carbon wood core construction, and Triple Camber make the Deathwish the most revolutionary, eye-opening experience you’ll ever have on snow. Once you feel the freedom of surfing sideways into a narrow chute, pivoting your tips down the fall line, pointing it out, and then railing auto-pilot carves all the way to the tram, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


164, 174, 184, 190 | 138-112-129




The Bibby’s back, and there’s gonna be trouble. Hey na…

The truth is: you were right and we were wrong. This is still one of the best designs we’ve ever made, and when we got back on it last year after its much-maligned hiatus, we all looked at each other and instantly knew it was the right thing to do. The shape is the same as it was in the beginning, and it is good. But that’s not to say we didn’t improve things a bit. More carbon inside and semi-cap construction outside have made it lighter and tougher, so all of you maniacs still skiing first-generation Bibbys can feel good about upgrading—and putting another thousand days on your new pair. 


174, 184, 190 | 143-118-133





It wasn’t long after we made the Deathwish that we put touring bindings on a pair and took them up the skin track. That was the inspiration behind the Underworld: a Triple Camber touring ski that’s easier to haul uphill, but just as fun on the way down. To keep it light, we made it narrower, gave it our Low Fat Layup, and shaved a bit off the ends as we flattened out the tip and tail. That way, you get the same performance from a shorter, lighter ski, and that means more laps per day.  


161, 171, 181, 187 | 132-106-123





We wouldn’t call the Exit World a randonée ski, because that conjures up images of Lycra bros in one-buckle boots. What it is, is our attempt to make touring for powder as fun as a free cat ride without tearing your legs off on the way back up. Can it compete on the scales with computerized, nanotube-injected turbo-Euro tour skis? Nope. But does it ski better? Hell yep, thanks to a flat midsection, tons of rocker, tons of float, and Triple Camber grip for the shrubby return to your truck. And when you put a shark fin through the base after stomping a 35-footer in the Tetons, you can repair it instead of watching your skis turn into a $1200 pile of carbon dust. Just sayin’.


178, 186, 194 | 135-118-130





What goes down must come up. It’s simple physics, and if you don’t have a chair to sit on or a sled to BRAAAP on, you’re hauling every gram yourself. The Bibby Tour is the Bibby in every respect, except in one: Low Fat Layup. That means a paulownia and pine core with more carbon and lighter glass. That means the ski is lighter, so you can get more laps without getting as tired. We doubt you need yet another description of how it skis, but here’s the nutshell if you’re hungry: awesome, versatile, playful, dependable, unbeatable. Fat plus fun equals shred city. Handmade in the United States of America. Diesel power. Hippies use side door. Vamonos muchachos.

How could they cut the power, man? They’re animals!


174, 184, 190 | 143-118-133



There's good stuff out there - but you may have to work a little harder to get it when the snow gods aren't puking their guts out all over your local mountain. We're working harder too, sourcing 95% of the materials in our skis and 100% of the people who make them from right here in the USA, then cranking late into the night to bake batch after batch of handmade shred sticks. We're making them tougher to last longer, lighter so you can go farther into the backcountry, and more fun for those days when it does dump like it should. We're always adapting and improving, and as a result, all we make are limited editions. 


Don't get with us if you don't want to work. You have to pay to play, and we don't mean in dollars. But rest assured, when you've put in the effort and you have a pair of Moments under you working for you, the reward will be worth it. And we'll be right there with you.